Essential Oils for Acne: Finding The Best and Perfect Skin Solution

Essential Oils For Acne

Acne is a serious skin condition that affects millions of Americans each year, and for those who suffer from it, it can be seriously debilitating. If you’ve tried everything and are looking for a natural approach to clear up your skin, check out our list of the best essential oils for acne. With this soothing natural alternative, you could finally find the skin solution you’ve been searching for.

Any time we experience a problem with our skin it can cause our self-confidence to drop, along with things like pain and irritation. For sufferers of acne, they understand this pain all too well and it’s likely been something they’ve dealing with for many years, and not just while they were teenagers.

If you’ve had acne before you know just how serious it is, with many people confusing it for regular, run of the mill pimples. Acne is a serious skin condition though, and one that most find hard to treat, which is why essential oils could be a natural solution that finally eases your suffering.

We’re going to look into some of the most powerful essential oils that can be used to treat acne and the best way to use them. We’ll also show you some additional natural treatments that can help clear up your skin and rid you from this terrible condition once and for all.

The History of Essential Oils for Skin Conditions

Essential oils are no new form of treatment, and their use in medicine and healthcare has been long documented. When it comes to using essential oils for health and beauty, there’s plenty of fascinating history to be found as well.

Plant extracts have long been known for their powers when it comes to healing skin conditions so it makes sense that essential oils can be a great treatment for acne. Their powers include inflammatory properties, soothing and moisturizing, bacteria-killing abilities, and relieving mental and physical stress that can lead to breakouts.

Although the research on these essential oils is still in its early stages in the western world, eastern and traditional medicine has been relying on them for centuries. For those who want a natural approach or feel they’ve tried everything to treat their acne, this could be a great solution to your problem.

What Is Acne?

Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that affects approximately 60 million Americans at any given time. Although people assume that just teenagers get acne, it’s actually a condition that lasts long into adulthood and many struggle to find relief.

Essential Oils For Acne

Unlike developing a pimple every now and then, acne is a lot more severe and harder to treat. It tends to return quite often and requires ongoing treatment, which then leads to emotional distress about the condition and possibly even scarring.

The most common place people get acne is on their face, but it has been known to spread other regions like chest and back. You might notice symptoms like large painful bumps beneath the skin, clusters of whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples, small red bumps, and other pus-filled bumps both above and underneath the skin.

The Causes of Acne

Acne is like other skin conditions in that it starts with clogged pores. This usually occurs as the dry skin flakes off, but there other things that can cause them to become blocked. Acne can occur in all types of people of all ages and genders, but it’s been found that those aged 11 to 30 and more likely to have it.

There are some risk factors that make someone more predisposed to getting acne, but it’s not a definite. Your menstrual cycle, everyday stress, humid climates, poor skin care routines, touching pimples, and using oil-based makeup are just a few things that can cause it to flare up or appear.

The Best Essential Oils for Acne

The treatment for acne depends on the individual person, and those who have suffered with it for a while will be seeking a solution. Some medical professionals will prescribe you with harsh face washes, creams, and possibly even oral medication in an effort to reduce it but it doesn’t always help.

Using essential oils is a natural approach, it’s gentle and soothing on the skin, prevents harmful bacteria from infecting the pores, and is affordable to use. According to numerous studies, we’ve found six of the best essential oils for acne and how they can help.


Essential Oils For Acne

Bergamot is a perfect choice for those with acne as it actually treats two things at once, as well as being delicious to smell. Firstly, bergamot has been shown to be an anti-inflammatory that works well with acne, reducing the size of pimples and the severity of their swelling. Secondly, the essential oil of this fruit can also give an instant boost to your mood and help reduce the stress that causes a breakout.


Essential Oils For Acne

When you think of thyme, your first thoughts are probably linked to using it for cooking. This herb is actually better used for your skin, and those with acne have shown great results from it. Thyme has been proven to kill the exact bacteria that cause acne so it’s a direct attack against the condition. Thyme is better used as an essential oil for its potency, so don’t get this mixed up with the dried garden herb you put in your pasta sauce.


Essential Oils For Acne

This is another herb that most people reserve for cooking, but did you know it’s a great way to treat acne as well? Oregano is a powerhouse in the world of herbs and using its essential oil can be great for your skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory powers and ability to bring down the swelling and redness that acne causes. Not only that, but oregano has been proven to fight cancer cells, bacteria that lead to serious infections, and some forms of parasites.


Essential Oils For Acne

Often known as the quintessential relaxation oil, lavender is a must have when you’re building an arsenal against acne. Lavender has always been known as the plant that aids sleep, restfulness, and calms stress, but it’s also good for your skin as well. Lavender has been shown to improve certain skin conditions and also can be used as an antimicrobial agent.

Tea tree

Essential Oils For Acne

Nature’s favorite antibacterial and antifungal treatment is tea tree oil and using this essential oil for your acne will do it a world of good. Studies have already proven that it’s capable of reducing acne in patients, even if they’re sure exactly how it does it. You can use it either undiluted or as part of other skin care products to reap its benefits.


Essential Oils For Acne

Cinnamon is more than just a pretty face, and while we use it for its delicious scents in baking and candles, there’s a lot more we can be doing with it. The tree bark products, when extracted into an essential oil, has been shown to actively fight acne. Not only does it do this but it kills dangerous bacteria like E. coli an staphylococcal, reduces menstrual pain, and regulates cholesterol.


Essential Oils For Acne

Rose is one of the prettiest scents by far and it’s also pretty powerful at killing the bacteria that are associated with acne. In addition to being great for your skin and face, other cool things it’s been shown to do are reduce liver damage and boost good moods.



Another cooking herb that’s actually more beneficial when used for the fight against acne is rosemary. Rosemary has been specifically proven to damage acne and reduce the rate of it reappearing. Not only that, but it’s got powerful antifungal properties that can also be great for other skin conditions.

Using Oils to Treat Acne

One of the great things about essential oils is how many ways you can use them. When treating acne with essential oils though, you really only have a couple of options. As always, be mindful of any irritation or reactions and if you notice anything then immediately rinse the oils away or stop using them in the future. Although natural, oils are still powerful and potent ingredients and should be treated with care.

  • Vapor inhalation

Sometimes, combining the power of essential oils with the power of steam can do wonders for your face and help them to get deep within the pores. Whenever using essential oils and the vapor method, never open your eyes as it can be dangerous to do.

  • Diffuser

When using oils to relax, the best way to do this is with an essential oil diffuser. This will allow you to get the power of the essential oils without being overwhelmed by their scent.

  • Direct to skin
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There are some essential oils on our list that are perfectly fine to apply directly to the skin, with the most potent one being tea tree oil. You can rub this all over your face to treat it or just on the acne pimples and sores that you have. Always use a cotton swab to prevent infection.

  • Skin products

To get a more diluted version of these essential oils and extracts, check out the ingredients in your beauty products. When it comes to acne, the less you can put on your face the better, especially if the ingredients aren’t natural.

Although essential oils are fine for most adults to use, you should never attempt to treat baby acne with any of these products. Check the label on any essential oils you use to see what the best method is for application and seek help from a professional if you’re unsure.

Other Natural Remedies and Treatments

There’s a lot to be said for the power of essential oils and it’s been shown to help with all kinds of medical conditions. When it comes to acne though, sometimes the best approach is to try a number of things and hope that they all work together. We’ve found some other natural remedies that you might want to do in conjunction with your chosen essential oils that can help clear your skin.

  • Skin care routine

Implement a daily skincare routine of a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. This will help balance oil levels and prevent bacteria from building up in your pores.

  • Reducing stress

As stress and anxiety has been shown to cause acne, try some methods to make yourself calm each day. Exercise, meditation, adequate sleep, and a reduction in caffeine intake are just a few ways you can relax.

  • Zinc

Some research has found zinc to be beneficial with skin conditions and reducing inflammation. Taking a daily zinc supplement is something that should be discussed with a health professional to find out a safe amount.

  • Fish oil

Fish oil has been proven to do wonders for all parts of the body and mind, but it’s also great for those suffering from acne. A daily fish oil tablet or liquid can be taken to see if you’re able to fix your acne from the inside out.

  • Witch hazel

This is another powerful natural source that’s great for your skin and clearing the pores from dirt, grime, and bacteria. Use it with your daily skincare routine and essential oil of choice for best results.

A Natural Solution for Clear Skin

If you’ve had acne before or are currently suffering from it, you likely know how frustrating it can be to find a cure for. After trying different medications, skin care creams, or diet changes, you might find some welcome relief with one of these essential oils.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in many countries and cultures, so if you want to put their knowledge to good use then it’s easy to do. There are plenty of options for how you can get the best use out of them and proven results when it comes to treating acne, so there’s no reason not to trust this natural alternative.


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