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Vitamin Shoppe

There’s never been a better time to get into vitamins, supplements, and healthy living as the number of stores with a health focus has boomed in recent years. The Vitamin Shoppe is an American chain that offers both in-store and online shopping to get everything you need related to supplements, vitamins and more, and we’re here to review what they have to offer.

There are so many great products out there these days aimed at improving your health, but knowing where to buy them so that you get reliable and genuine ones can be tough. Although there are plenty of online stores that sell supplements and vitamins, it’s not really something you want to leave up to chance.

The Vitamin Shoppe was started many years ago and today, it’s one of the largest retailers in the country. With both an online site and many stores across the country, many people trust The Vitamine Shoppe to provide them with just about everything they need for their health.

You’ve likely heard about the company before and maybe even shopped there in the past. We’re going to do an in-depth review of the retailer, what they offer, and the types of products and brands you can expect to find them selling.

The Vitamin Shoppe History

The Vitamine Shoppe has humble beginnings that date back to 1997 when the store was opened by Jeffrey Horowitz. With the very first shop being opened in New York City and as a standalone store, it’s amazing to see just how far it grew.

From the first store, the company began publishing catalogues made for mail order products and by 1987 they had opened a further eight stores in New York alone. Since 1977, there have been are over 160 stores found in the country and in the past, they have also opened a few stores in Canada. However, these days their brick and mortar stores are not as popular as their website, and as such many of them have closed down.

At last count, The Vitamin Shoppe offers over 7,000 different SKUs of supplements in store and a massive 17,000 different SKUs of supplements through their online store. Although their primary objective is to sell, they also offer online education about health and fitness and have substantially grown their reach in recent years.

In 1998, Jeffrey Horowitz sold 70 per cent of the company to J.P Morgan Partners and the chain began to grow. By 1999, they realized the website was doing well and spun it off as its own entity. n 2002, Bear Stearns Cos. acquired the company through an equity capital unit and remain the owners of it today. Although the company has changed hands a bit, their goal is still to provide affordable and safe nutrients and supplements for people to enjoy.

Online Store and Other Stores

As of December 2017, there are now 785 locations of The Vitamin Shoppe in the country. There are many stores along the east coast where the business does a lot better than the west coast, and their range has expanded quite a bit.

The most popular place for customers though is their online store, found at www.vitaminshoppe.com. There is a huge selection of products that you’d find at their brick and mortar stores but with more range, and usually cheaper.

As the trend of online shopping continues to grow, it’s likely they will put more focus on their website still and make it more attractive to consumers. However, as many people still like to shop in store, it shouldn’t be a problem trying to find one of their locations across the country.

In terms of the website, it’s clearly laid out and everything has been categorized in easy to find sections. You have the option of shopping by category, brand, or in regards to your specific health goals so there are plenty of ways to find what you need.

Their online store offers regular promotions that can’t be found anywhere else, and these can change almost daily. Customers simply need to look for the promotion code offered by The Vitamin Shoppe and it will give them daily discounts, like a storewide 15% off.

Brands and Products

To get a better understanding of the quality of The Vitamin Shoppe, it’s a good idea to look at what products and brands they offer. This is usually the sign of a reputable and reliable store as it’s easy to see they stock a huge selection of supplements, vitamins, and other health and beauty products.

In addition to stocking other brands, The Vitamin Shoppe also makes many of their own products including vitamins and supplements. Their products are affordable, have excellent reviews, and are regularly tested by independent bodies to ensure their quality.

One good thing about shopping through a large retailer like The Vitamin Shoppe is their transparency with products and customers. Just clicking on one specific product will show detailed reviews from other customers so you know exactly what you’re buying and with genuine feedback.

Browsing through the site could take hours as there are so many different categories, brands, and solutions to look at. These are just some of the categories you’ll find at their online store stocking both their own brand and others.

Vitamins and Supplements

This is the area that got The Vitamin Shoppe started and is still their most popular product range. The Vitamin Shoppe has an extensive range of their own vitamins and supplements including multivitamins, singular vitamins from A-K, and a number of supplements for men and women’s health. Their other vitamins include popular brands and cover all areas including joint health, healthy ageing, workout supplements, and more.

Protein and Fitness

No matter what your workout goals, you’ll find a solution at The Vitamin Shoppe as they have a number of protein and fitness supplements and vitamins. You’ll be able to get products for energy, building muscle, losing weight, balancing the entire body, or protein boosts. They have their own range of products from The Vitamin Shoppe that offer an affordable alternative, with great reviews from customers about their results.


It’s not surprising to see a section dedicated to digestion on this site as we now know so much about the importance of gut health. In addition to a great range of cleansing and detoxing products, there are probiotics made for men, women, and children. Along with their extensive range of other brands they also make their own probiotics and digestive health products that come in at a lot cheaper than the alternative.

Healthy Weight

The Vitamin Shoppe uses healthy weight to promote their weight loss supplements and vitamins, giving it a more positive sounding spin. In this category, you’ll find meal replacements, protein shakes, weight loss supplements, and more. There are also specialized products defined by diet styles like keto, thermogenic, and garcinia cambogia. Within this section is a meal preparation area that has everything you need for cooking and storing healthy food so it covers all parts of the weight loss process.

Superfood and Groceries

Superfood is the buzzword of the decade and The Vitamin Shoppe has jumped aboard this health food train. You’ll be able to find some of the hottest ingredients like wheatgrass, coconut oil, spirulina, honey, and apple cider vinegar. There are plenty of snack and meal options, all with a healthy spin so you can stay on track with good nutrition. Within this section, you’ll also find The Smoothie Shoppe and The Collagen Shoppe, which are both owned by The Vitamin Shoppe but more targeted at these popular products.

Herbs and Natural Remedies

For those who prefer to treat their body with natural and alternative medicines, you can find almost everything at The Vitamin Shoppe. They have natural ways to treat most things from colds and flus to allergies, and everything in between. There is a great selection of herbal teas as well, and just about every herb you can think of. For complete support, they also stock products made for sleep, immunity, stress reduction, and more.

Natural Beauty and Skin

The Vitamin Shoppe believes that taking care of yourself naturally isn’t just about working from the inside and they have plenty of products for your skin as well.  They cover the full range of the body including hair care products, shampoo and conditioner, makeup, moisturizer, sunscreen, and more. Most of the products here are cruelty-free and there are some vegan products as well. The Vitamin Shoppe makes many of their own health and beauty range too, so you have an affordable option to shop from.

Home and Lifestyle

For every other area that wasn’t covered, The Vitamin Shoppe has their Home and Lifestyle section. This includes products for the kitchen and bathroom, like cleaning products and juicers. You’ll also find a range of sexual health products, coloring books, candles, salt lamps, and water filtration systems so it’s quite varied.

The Good

The budget of supplements and vitamins here compared to other online suppliers is quite good. In addition to the low budget, you’ll also get access to their ongoing savings and other discounts available when you join their mailing list too. Free shipping is sometimes offered, depending on your spend limit, and you may even qualify for express postage at times.

One great thing about this store is the range they offer. Not only can you find what you need by looking through the various sections but there are health goals that make it easy as well. You might want to cleanse and detox, get bone support or lose weight, and you can find exactly what products will help you achieve that goal.

Many of the products on their site are yet to be discovered by the public and they tend to be pretty ahead of current trends in the healthcare industry. If you want a reliable place to find out about superfoods and supplements, they offer plenty in the way of education as well.

The Bad

Looking at the customer reviews of the various Vitamin Shoppes around the country, they aren’t always the best. Obviously, this would be on an individual store basis, but if you’re planning on shopping at a local store you might want to check out its reviews. Bad customer service leads a lot of people to shop online so this may be a better approach when shopping from this brand.

Some might remember that a scandal The Vitamin Shoppe was involved in when they were independently tested by ConsumerLab.com. The findings reported that there was a high level of lead in one of their multivitamins. They withdrew the product immediately, but the findings have left a bad mark on their reputation that some find it hard to forget.


  • Affordable compared to other online suppliers
  • Access to their ongoing savings and other discounts
  • Free shipping is sometimes offered
  • Offering wide range of products
  • Ahead of current trends in the healthcare industry
  • Offers way of education about superfoods and supplements


  • Customer reviews aren’t always the best
  • Bad customer service leads a lot of people to shop online

The Final Verdict onThe Vitamin Shoppe

With the sheer volume of online supplement and vitamin stores these days, it’s nice to see a brand that’s been around for over 50 years still on the market. Although The Vitamin Shoppe has changed a lot since its very first store opened, they still manage to offer a huge selection and stock many products that won’t be found anywhere else at the time.

If you prefer the online shopping experience to going in store, this is a great way to go. Some customers have found that The Vitamin Shoppe didn’t live up to their expectations when shopping in store, so this is something to keep in mind.

Overall, it’s easy to see why The Vitamin Shoppe is such a popular American brand and has continued to grow over the years. They have a huge selection, great discounts, and their online customer service and support seem to be some of the best.

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