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Supplements are becoming even more common these days, and they’re not just for serious bodybuilders anymore. Steel Supplements is a USA manufacturer and seller of supplements for all kinds of uses, and we’re going to review their online store and the quality of the products that they make.

Supplements are all the rage these days, and they’re no longer reserved for beefed-up muscle junkies any longer. You can now get supplements for just about anything, including increased energy or sexual stamina, as well as plenty of great products to aid you before, during, and after a workout.

Steel Supplements is an American brand who makes their own supplements, and their online store is pretty impressive in size. They offer a huge selection of supplements for just about any need you have, and because they’re responsible for creating their own products, they put a lot of emphasis on quality.

Finding a good supplier of supplements can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or are unsure about what each of the ingredients does. We’re going to review the Steel Supplements range and the shopping experience they offer, so you can know whether or not this is a brand you can put your trust in.

Steel Supplements Overview


Steel Supplements is an American manufacturer of supplements, and they also sell their products through an online store. Finding information about the company, its origins, and what their goals are has been hard to do, as there’s very little online.

What is known is that they have a large social media following and a huge selection of products to choose from. You can see real reviews from customers on their site and get a good idea of feedback through their Facebook page, which they seem to update quite regularly.

Steel Supplements promises that they make all of their products in the US, and they are fully transparent about the ingredients they use. Each of their product listings has detailed information about the ingredients about what effect they’ll have on your body, so for beginners, it’s a great place to get started.

Product Range at Steel Supplements

There’s quite a lot to choose from on the Steel Supplements site, and all of the products listed are made by the brand themselves. This offers some peace of mind for the buyer as you’re not buying from a third party and you have an immediate contact for customer service.

Steel Supplements has a few different categories for their supplements, and we’re going to look at what each of them includes. You can also search the site based on your health and fitness goals, which might make it easy for beginners to choose the right supplement.

Fat Burners

Steel Supplements ATP-Fusion | PH Balanced Creatine Monohydrate...
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  • STIMULANT FREE PRE-WORKOUT: Perfect for Men and Women looking to add strength and endurance in their training
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Steel Supplements Whey-ISO Whey Protein Isolate Powder Supplement...
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A fat burning supplement is used by men and women who have excess fat to drop and might need help doing so. The biggest seller for Steel Supplements is their Shredded-AF capsules which are a multistage product that works at shredding fat in a number of stages and is a fat mobilizing thermogenic.

You’ll get a boost to your metabolism, suppress any cravings for overeating or junk food, and give yourself more energy and clarity. This product also comes in a Shredded Stack and in a vegan-friendly alternative, so there are plenty of options for everyone.

Testosterone Boosters

The range of testosterone boosters from Steel Supplements can increase your levels of testosterone without using any harmful ingredients. Some of their best products in this range include Alpha-AF which delivers a boost of testosterone, strips fat from men’s problem areas, and gives an increased drive.

Another best seller is the 1-Andro which is more about getting results from weights. It increases lean muscle mass and has structural properties that eliminate some of the common side effects from taking testosterone boosters, like hair loss. They also offer three new boosters including the 3-Epi-Andro, 7, 3-Andro, and 17A-Andro.


Pre-workouts are created to give you a boost of energy that will take you through any form of exercise. The range from Steel Supplements are for both men and women, and depending on what you need from a workout there’s sure to be a product to suit. They have a few single pre-workout products to choose from, including the highly rated Amped-AF.

The most popular way to take pre-workouts is with a stack, and Steel Supplements have created their very own for you to try. You can get a Charged-AF stack, Enhanced Pre-workout stack, Elite Pre-Workout stack, and Ultimate Pre-Workout stack. These combine two or more products from the range to give you better results.


What you do after a workout is just as important as before and during, and Steel Supplements is a brand that understands this. They have a huge selection of recovery supplements that will repair your muscles after a session and also help you get rest at night so that you’re able to perform better in the morning.

The top-rated products in this category include the Rested-AF which is a powder supplement designed to help you get to sleep. If you’re taking other performance boosters this is a common side effect, and it’s been specifically formulated to work alongside their other products. As the body does most of its growth hormone work during sleep, this part is essential to your gains and progress.

Did You KnowOne of the most important parts of your workout is getting rest, as this is when your body is still at work.

Commonly after taking supplements people might be feeling the effects, so having something mild and calming is required. Steel Supplements makes a few key products for your mind, as well as those that will help you sleep at night.

The Focused-AF is a natural over the counter product that claims to give you clarity and energy in the mind, so you’ll feel it during a workout and whatever else you might be doing that day. When it’s time to go to sleep, the Rested-AF formula which we previously mentioned can calm your mind and help you reach the important REM stage of sleep.

Vegan Friendly

Steel Supplements V-BCAA Vegan High Performance BCAA Powder Soy Free,...
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Steel Supplements Veg-PRO | Vegan Protein Powder, Strawberry...
  • PACKED WITH PROTEIN: Our VEG-PRO is the best plant based protein supplement powder on the market. It is a highly...
  • DAIRY FREE, GLUTEN FREE: We've carefully created the highest quality protein alternative that is both whey and dairy...
  • ESSENTIAL FOR MUSCLE GROWTH: Truly the best way to pack on lean, mean muscle. Our pure pea isolate vegetable protein...

Veganism is a common lifestyle choice these days, and not all supplement brands have caught up with the times. Steel Supplements is proud to offer a vegan alternative to just about every product they sell so that you don’t have to sacrifice progress or results because of your lifestyle.

Their most popular seller is the vegan protein powder which is a great option for those who don’t like the taste of whey or don’t drink cow’s milk. People commonly use Veg Pro powder with the Shredded AF capsules for a comprehensive vegan-friendly approach to supplements.


In addition to their range of supplements, Steel Supplements also makes other products that would appeal to the health and fitness market. Within their accessories category, you’ll find:

  • T-shirts: Various men’s t-shirts with slogans about supplements and working out, ideal for wearing to the gym.
  • Shakers: To get the best consistency from your supplements and powders, a quality shaker like the Steel Supplements one is a great addition.
  • Motivational bands: Wearing a motivational band around your wrist as you work out can give you an extra push, and Steel Supplements stock a large range of them.
  • Hats: Caps with different designs and the Steel Supplements logo are available on the store, including snapback camo styles and beanies.
  • Tanks: Designed for women, these Steel tanks come in a range of colors and show the brand’s logo.

Shopping Online with Steel Supplements

The online shopping experience seems straightforward enough on the Steel Supplements website. You can shop by product category or choose a health and fitness goal and let them recommend something. It’s easy enough to see what their best sellers are, and they also have a section just for the new breakthrough products.

Steel Supplements have all of the shipping and return information in an accessible place, and it’s easy enough to get details about shipping time, customer feedback, and more. They have a customer helpline number, email address, online form, as well as social media profiles on most platforms, so there are plenty of ways to contact them.

Another nice addition to the store is an online newsletter that customers can sign up for. This offers special discount codes and gives members first dibs on products that have yet to be released. As it costs nothing to join, this is a nice little bonus that shows they care about customer service.

What Customers Like About Steel Supplements

The best thing about Steel Supplements is the sheer volume of their range. Considering they make all of their products it’s amazing to see that they have something for just about every health and fitness goal.

Steel Supplements products are all made in the USA which again gives them some lead against the competition. You don’t have to worry about ingredients being sourced overseas or products that aren’t regulated, so for people new to the world of supplements, it can take some of the concern away.

Most of their sales are done through their store, but there is a link on their website for those interested in wholesale. This indicates that the brand is quite large and has the capacity to offer this service, which further speaks for its quality.


Some Areas of Improvement

There’s minimal information available about the company, their history, or the regulations they adhere to when making their products. When shopping for something as important as health supplements, you really want to know as much as possible so you can make an educated decision.

Looking at their Facebook page, they only have a small number of reviews online. At this stage, there are just 36 reviews on the social media site, and most of them are positive. It’s important to be cautious of this due to some company’s buying likes, so it would be good to see reviews in the hundreds or thousands for more authenticity.

On the Steel Supplements website, there are over 5,000 reviews for various products or just general comments about the brand. This is quite impressive and gives you a good idea of what products people are buying, what they were using them for, and whether or not they were effective. However, when you look closer you’ll see most reviews are five stars and seem to be written like an advertisement, which causes some suspicion.

A Leading Supplier of Supplements for All Needs

Supplements are a serious staple in the health and fitness market, but finding a brand that can deliver on all of its promises can be tough. Steel Supplements seems to have plenty of happy customers and have a great selection of products from fat burners to sleep aids.

If you’re new to supplements and don’t know where to start, you can find everything easily enough on their site. You can decide what you need based on your health and fitness goals, and the detailed description you get of each product will tell you everything you need to know.

It would be good to get some background information on the company and some more activity on their social media profiles, just to prove their authenticity. From what we can see so far though, it appears that Steel Supplements is a leading brand in American made supplements and will hopefully continue to grow on their success.

Taking supplements for the first time can be a scary thing, so it’s important to always do your research. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions you should check with your doctor before you begin. With the go-ahead, choosing a reputable brand like Steel Supplements is a great way to go.

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