Reiki Healing: Everything You Need to Know

Reiki Healing

Many forms of alternative medicine are focused on energy and the power that it can have to heal us. Reiki healing is one of the most popular alternative treatments that use this universal energy to heal, whether it’s an emotional, spiritual, or physical issue you might be having.

These days, it’s so common for people to reach for prescription medication or invasive surgeries to fix their problems. Treatments like Reiki aim to heal people without the need for serious intervention like this and offer a natural approach with no side effects that can actually get great results for many people.

If you’ve never had a Reiki healing before and are wondering exactly what it’s all about, we’re here to help. We can show you what to expect from your first your healing session, the benefits that Reiki can offer, and a little more about how this amazing alternative treatment began.

The History of Reiki

Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki began in Japan in 1922, developed by Dr. Mikao Usui. During his education, he had an interest in finding a method of healing that wasn’t specific to any religion that all people could use. He believed in the healing power of the hands and sought to find a method that would allow them to do their work.

Dr. Usui traveled the world and tried many different positions through his life, eventually becoming a Buddhist monk. It was his work as a monk that allowed him to learn more about Usui Reiki, and it was ancient Sanskrit symbols that showed him how to develop this healing system.

The modern form of Reiki is somewhat different to the original format however it still focuses on healing through the hands. Your practitioner will use their palms to transfer universal energy through to you in an effort to heal you from emotional and physical problems.

What Is Reiki Healing?

woman with shining hands

People often assume Reiki is a lot simpler than it actually is, and it’s a practice that has a lot of depth to it. There is always an opportunity to go deeper and learn more, making it a great avenue for someone wanting to learn a form of alternative medicine or get deeper treatment for a particular problem.

This form of healing uses a technique called ‘palm healing’ or hands-on healing’ but it differs with each practitioner. The basis is that they apply an energy with their hands that help the patient heal. The foundation for Reiki is based on qi which is the universal life force, but one that has yet to be confirmed by any scientific findings.

Although qi has not been proven by science, the concept of this universal energy force is present in many forms of alternative medicine. Reiki is a popular choice for people seeking relaxation, understanding, and healing, whether it’s for an emotional, spiritual, or physical problem.

These days, Reiki is offered in many forms, most commonly by private Reiki masters and in clinical settings like hospitals. A study from 2007 showed that over 60 hospitals in the US offered Reiki to its patients, a number that’s undoubtedly risen since.

What to Expect At Your First Session

Reiki is a varied treatment that will depend on the practitioner delivering it. There’s no set protocol for what should occur, but you should always see someone who is registered and trained to perform a session.

The standard place for a session would be in a private room, however, Reiki has the unique ability to be able to be performed anywhere. This means if you know someone who is trained in Reiki, they could perform the healing on you even as you’re sitting in a chair at your dining table when you feel flu-like symptoms coming on as a way to prevent you from getting sick.

  • Session would be in a private room
  • You may lay on a table or sit a chair
  • Remain fully clothed
  • Sessions vary in length with shorter times or 15 minutes up to 90 minutes and more

Seeing a professional Reiki healer will usually start with them asking you your purpose for the session and find out any relevant information about your health history and status. You may lay on a table or sit in a chair, and always remain fully clothed.

The Reiki practitioner will do light touches on a series of spots over the head and body. These touches should never be painful, uncomfortable, or invasive. For sensitive areas and injuries, they can hold their hands just above the body to do the healing that way if required.

Sessions will vary greatly in length with shorter times of 15 minutes available and up to 90 minutes or more. This will depend on the level of healing, areas that are being treated, and payment. Speak to the practitioner before your appointment to see what length they recommend for your first treatment.

What Does It Feel Like?


This is a subtle treatment different to something like massage which you usually feel quite a bit of pressure with, but it’s very relaxing. Although each Reiki session will differ for each person and will also depend on your Reiki master, overall it’s said to be a gentle and healing process.

The purpose is to be completely comfortable to allow it to work, and if you can relax before the session begins you’ll get even more benefit. Many people report feeling a radiating glow when the session is over and a sense of calm and wellbeing and these are some common feelings after treatment:

  • My pain has disappeared;
  • I feel calm and peaceful;
  • I think I fell asleep;
  • The Reiki master’s hands got hot/cold/started pulsating;
  • I’m focused and thinking clearly;

Your Reiki master will never apply any forceful pressure nor put you in uncomfortable positions. If you’ve previously had a massage or other treatment that caused discomfort, you will likely appreciate the subtle touch that Reiki provides.

The Benefits of Reiki

As with all types of alternative medicine, the studies involving Reiki and its benefits are still in their early stages. Based on anecdotal findings and some clinical research, these are the benefits you might feel from just one Reiki session.

  • Improved mood

Every Reiki session will leave you feeling different, but for the most part, people feel cleansed and hopeful. Even just a 15-minute session could be enough to help bring you out of a slump.

  • Relaxation

Most people emerge from a Reiki session feeling calm and at peace. This is a great tool for people with stress or anxiety and has been positive for those with depression also.

  • Reduced pain

If you’re experiencing pain in any part of your body, Reiki could help heal it. People say that their practitioner’s hands felt hot, cold, pulsating, or vibrating, easing whatever pain it was that they were experiencing.

  • Chronic illness

Although studies have yet to find evidence, there are patients of heart disease, cancer, chronic pain, and neurological disorders who find great relief from getting regular Reiki sessions.

  • Reduced effects of cancer treatment

Numerous studies have been done on Reiki for those undergoing cancer treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Although the clinical studies have been unable to prove it, it’s believed that the healing power of the hands and spending time being gentle with the patient showed great results.

Some studies into the effects of Reiki have shown it to be no more effective than a placebo which is why it’s constantly questioned. However, for those who are getting treated they are confident of its healing powers, which is all that matters for them.

An Ancient Technique with Benefits for Today

This amazing alternative medicine has been around for nearly 100 years but its presence in western society is only quite recent. Therefore, it’s hopeful that we will find more out about Reiki’s benefits and how it can be used to heal all kinds of problems within the body, mind, and soul.

The regulation of Reiki practice is still developing within this country, so you should always look for a healer who has experience and certified training. Although there’s no harm that can be done by a light touch, you want to be sure you’re seeing someone qualified who will be respectful of the treatment and your body.

Reiki is an amazingly relaxing form of treatment and if you have someone near you who can perform it you might surprise yourself with the results. Thanks to the healing power of the hands and the universal energy that flows through us all, you will experience a whole range of feelings and emotions after just one session.

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