Pure Aloe Vera Gel: Everything You Need to Know

pure aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is one of nature’s miracles and a multitasker that is capable of doing so many things for the human body. Those who use it swear by pure aloe vera gel as the only true source, so we’re here to look at everything this wonder plant can do and why its purity really matters.

Pure aloe vera gel is certainly no new thing, and for thousands of years, there have been cultures who knew all about its worth. However, every now and then this amazing plant gets a resurgence and it seems that 2018 is the year that aloe vera gel is making another comeback.

There are so many benefits that this amazing natural source is said to offer, but for those in the know, it seems that pure aloe vera gel is the only way to get the best results. We’re going to investigate how to find the purest and best quality of gel so that you can guarantee yourself these benefits, too.

Aloe vera gel has already been proven to fix everything from problem skin to sunburn, and these days people even use the plant’s extract to drink. There’s obviously plenty of good reasons why pure aloe vera gel has everyone talking, and we’re going to find out why.

What Is Pure Aloe Vera Gel?

pure aloe vera gel

Aloe is arguably one of the world’s most popular plants, and there is believed to be over 300 species of it. The most common one, aloe barbadensis, is also known as aloe vera and is highly regarded in the health and beauty worlds as a miracle source.

These plants are spiky succulents and they’re commonly found in tropical and dry climates, but have been known to grow elsewhere occasionally. When you break the leaf or spike, a gel will ooze out of it, and there is also a liquid form contained inside that some people ingest.

Pure aloe vera gel can be hard to find, as most products are marketed this way but actually contain many other ingredients. Therefore, the search for pure gel can be a long one, and this is why many people attempt to grow the plant for themselves.

History of Aloe

Looking back at the medicinal history of plants, we can see that aloe was one of the very first species to be used. Some of the first civilizations to make note of their use of aloe was the ancient Chinese and Egyptians who applied aloe to burns and wounds, as well as used it to reduce fever. Other groups include Native Americans and Indians who knew all about the multipurpose healing power of the plant.

Aloe has also taken part in some momentous times in history, with one legend even claiming that Alexander the Great conquered a specific island just to get their supplies of aloe vera so he could use it to heal his soldiers. This was reportedly done on the advice of Aristotle, and the results were significant.

One of the world’s earliest beauty queens Cleopatra also used aloe vera for her daily skincare routine. Later on, those unfortunate civilians in Japan who had been impacted by the “A” bomb used pure aloe vera gel to heal their wounds.

Since then, aloe vera gel has become a mainstay in home remedies and a great natural source to rely on. It’s been proven to have medicinal benefits that work far better than most prescribed creams and lotions, and if you’re lucky enough to have access to a plant yourself then it’s completely free of charge.

The Best Uses for Pure Aloe Vera Gel

There is a key difference between pure aloe vera gel and the liquid extract which is used mainly as a medicinal drink. When looking specifically at the gel and what it can cure or treat, there seem to be some standout benefits.

1. Treat Sunburn

Woman with sunburn

The most common use for aloe vera gel is to treat sunburn. People get extra relief from placing their pure aloe gel in the fridge so that it’s nice and cool upon application. These magic powers come from its ability to heal the epithelial layer of the skin and also provide antioxidants that can speed up the recovery process.

2. Clears Up Acne

Woman with acne

Acne sufferers are always looking for ways to fix their skin, and pure aloe might be it. The key is two hormones found in it that actually promote the growth of new cells and has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin and reduce the redness associated with it.

3. Hydrates Skin

Woman closing her eyes

If you’re after a natural moisturizer that won’t leave your skin feeling greasy, aloe is the way to go. Aloe can not only moisturize but it’s great to use as an aftershave or even to apply before makeup, and you can apply it directly to skin for the best results.

4. Helps Periodontal Disease

Woman dental checkup

Studies have shown that pure aloe vera can be used inside the mouth to treat all kinds of periodontal disease and prevent further damage or disease. It’s capable of reducing bleeding, swelling, and inflammation, and also offers a powerful antiseptic for pockets that become full of bacteria.

5. Heaps of Nutrients

Glass with aloe vera

If you want a quick boost of nutrients for your skin, or prefer to drink some aloe juice, you’ll get access to over 75 different nutrients from this one plant. This is a hard number to top in other plant varieties and makes it even more impressive.

6. Reduces Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be annoying and embarrassing for those who have them. Aloe vera gel has been shown to reduce their appearance and severity by healing the wounds that cause them. For the best results, you’ll need to apply it as soon as they appear and are still red, otherwise, it won’t be as effective.

7. Helps Fight Aging

Woman smiling

A natural anti-aging product is often hard to come by but thanks to the multitude of antioxidants found in it, pure aloe vera gel is one of them. You can apply it to your face to replenish skin, reduce the signs of aging, and keep yourself hydrated and moisturized to prevent any further premature aging.

Tips to Ensure You Have Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Marketers know that people are on the lookout for only the purest of gels, which is why they’ve come up with some clever ways to make their products appear so. These are some tips you can follow to check the gel you plan on buying to see if it’s actually as pure as it promises to be.

  • The wording on the container might read “100% gel” which can sound as though it’s referring to the aloe but it’s actually just claiming to be 100% gel. Look for something that instead reads “100% pure aloe vera”.
  • The ingredients list will have in order what features most to least. If water is the first one listed it means this gel is mainly water, and then everything following has less and less. If aloe is far down the list, there’s not going to be much in there.
  • If alcohol is listed within the first few ingredients it is probably this that is causing the cooling effect and not actually the aloe. With alcohol in it, you’ll notice that it does cool but then dries out the skin immediately, which pure aloe won’t do.
  • Contrary to popular belief, pure aloe vera gel is not green and if yours is, it’s probably been artificially colored. The real color of pure gel should be light and golden.
  • Do a quick search of the brand you’re looking at to read customer reviews. This is usually the easiest way to tell whether it’s the real deal and what others have to say about its potency.

The easiest way to get pure aloe vera gel is to have a plant for yourself. Once it’s a good size, you can simply break off its leaves and get the gel straight from the source, ensuring that you have the purest possible quality.

Nature’s Own Skin Care Product

Pure aloe vera gel is one of those products that you can keep at home and use for just about anything. Investing in a container or bottle will give you a backup cure for insect bites, sunscreen, dried out skin, and sores, so there’s really no limit to its greatness.

Spend some time when shopping around to ensure you’re purchasing pure aloe vera gel and not something that’s been diluted and artificially dyed or created. To get the true powers of this amazing plant it needs to be a pure source, so it’s worth spending a little more time and money to ensure you did.




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