Everything You Need to Know About Polarity Therapy in your Body

polarity therapy

Polarity therapy is a form of energy medicine that believes by balancing out the energy within the body, we can heal all kinds of mental and physical symptoms. We’re going to look back at the history of the treatment, the benefits it claims to offer, and just what happens during a polarity therapy session.

Energy is a common theme in many forms of alternative medicine. We know so much about the role that energy plays in all living things, and how powerful it can be, so it makes sense that some of these forms of energy medicine are becoming more mainstream than ever.

Polarity therapy is a special field of energy medicine that specifically deals with the electromagnetic forces of the body. Just like other forms of energy healing, practitioners of polarity therapy believe that the flow of energy in our bodies and within the fields are the foundation of health, both good and bad.

This electromagnetic energy that each of us gives off can be adjusted and fixed, according to those who teach this treatment. It’s believed that all elements of health including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being can be improved with the treatment, so we’re going to dig a little deeper to find out what it’s all about.

The History of Polarity Therapy

Dr. Randolph Stone is the man credited with creating the polarity therapy. As a trained osteopath, chiropractor, and naturopath, he found the path of alternative medicine to be much more beneficial for people than those offered by modern medicine.

After studying various techniques and treatments, he stumbled across the concept of polarity after realizing that both science and energies could be combined. By combining scientific research about electromagnetic fields and the old teachings of energy medicine and healing, he created polarity therapy.

The reason for his naming it ‘polarity therapy’ was due to the fact that these electromagnetic fields need to balance their energy between two poles, just as you would find with the north and south pole. He believes that within each of us there are these poles, and they need to remain balanced in order to stay free of disease and illness.

Dr. Stone himself always claimed that polarity therapy was not a standalone treatment that could cure it all. Rather, he created it to be a complementary medicine just like yoga or acupuncture, to be used with other treatments in order to balance energy and have a clear flow of it through the body.

What Is Polarity Therapy?

polarity therapy

You’re probably no stranger to other forms of energy medicine or at least the ancient Aruveydic or Chinese teachings that believe an energy force runs through each of us. The key difference with polarity therapy is that they also understand there is energy within us, but that this energy comes from positive and negative charges within our electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetics forces are what keep even the smallest things like atoms together, and through the energy patterns they create, they’re capable of being within all living things. It’s the belief of those who study polarity therapy that all things are expressed through this “life energy” of electromagnetic fields, including our thoughts, feelings, and the everyday things we experience.

Polarity therapy is a complete medical system that involves things like nutritional guidance, counseling, and bodywork to offer a holistic approach to whatever problems you might be having. Some choose to see their therapist regularly whereas others get the results they need from a session every now and then.

How Does It Work?

The basic teachings of polarity theory state that the energy fields within our body are responsible for illnesses and pain that we have. There are three main types of energy that need to be corrected, so it’s a matter of working with each to try and find where the blockage or problem may be.

  • Long line currents are those that run from the top of the head down to the toes
  • Transverse currents go from east to west
  • Spiral currents expand outwards, beginning at the navel

They can usually find where the problem areas are by checking for things like muscle spasms, pain or discomfort. Once your therapist has discovered where your energy blockage is, they will use a variety of techniques to unblock or fix it.

These techniques could include physical manipulation like movement exercises or spinal realignment, just like a chiropractor would do. They might also recommend things like relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, hydrotherapy, or yoga, all of which are designed to remove blockages and keep the energy running through the body.

What To Expect in A Session

There are no real rules about what a typical session of polarity therapy will entail, so you should go into it without any expectations. The main portion of your therapy will involve bodywork, but not to be confused with massage, as this is more about finding sources of pain and then trying to unblock the energy flow from there.

You’ll usually start a session by speaking to the practitioner about symptoms or problems you may be having. They’ll invite you to lay down on a massage table where they will apply different types of touch and pressure to the body, as well as some that don’t involve any touching at all.

The aim of their movements and touch is to try and release the physical tension within the body but also break up deep congestions. Throughout the session, they will continue to tune in with your energy of your body so they can be guided where to go and what to do next, either through listening, observing or feeling.

In addition to bodywork, a polarity therapist will also offer diet and nutrition advice. As with most other natural medicines, they believe that certain foods and lifestyle choices can trigger energy blockages or poor health, and they will make recommendations based on this.

They might also incorporate other techniques into a session, like yoga movements or breathing exercises. This will depend on the problems you’re having and what is required to try and fix the flow of energy within the body. You might be given exercises to do at home after the session or asked to return for a follow up treatment.

polarity therapy

The Benefits of Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is used by many people to treat different conditions, but to date, only minimal research has been done on its effectiveness. Some things that you might seek treatment for include:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Back pain
  • Chronic illness

Two studies have proven the effectiveness of polarity therapy as a form of treatment, so there is hope for the future. One study found that patients undergoing treatment for cancer, like radiation and chemotherapy, experienced less anxiety and fatigue when they attended regular polarity therapy and massage treatments.

Another study claimed that it may be useful for reducing stress, which is a common reason people visit therapists for. The 2009 study found that participants who had attended polarity therapy sessions showed a significant reduction in stress levels compared to those who didn’t.

Modern Criticisms of the Treatment

Research into polarity therapy is still in its early days, and as such there are many skeptical people who don’t believe in its worth. As it is hard to prove the existence of these electromagnetic fields in the body and the ability of a practitioner to alter them, the jury is still out on whether it’s real or not.

When done by a professional and not harmful in any way, people might like to experiment with polarity therapy to see if it can help them. These sorts of treatments work best on those with an open mind, so going into it without any expectations could be helpful to your results.

Using Our Own Energy to Heal

The study of electromagnetic fields is nothing new in the world of science, but using this knowledge and pairing it with ancient forms of alternative medicine and teachings is certainly new. This is the perfect type of therapy for those who like a natural and spiritual approach but also want treatments that are grounded in science, which polarity therapy certainly does.

There is still a whole lot of research that has to go into the effectiveness of polarity therapy and like other forms of energy medicine and healing it has its fair share of critics. However, provided you are receiving treatment that isn’t harmful and going into things with an open mind, there’s no telling what benefits you might get.

Polarity therapy is certainly one of the lesser known forms of alternative medicine, and as the creator Dr. Stone suggests, should never be used as a sole treatment. For the best results, you can try this method with other forms of natural therapy like acupuncture, massage, and meditation or yoga.


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