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There always seems to be a new diet or way of eating that people are following, and one of the latest trends is the GOLO diet. This registered diet aims at keeping insulin levels low which they believe is the secret to weight loss. We’re here to do a GOLO diet review and see what results you can expect with this eating plan.

We’re constantly learning about the human body and how the things we eat or functions within it relate to weight loss. For people who have struggled to shift the pounds or find an eating plan that actually appeals to them, they’re always on the lookout for the latest diet trend.

As of 2016, the GOLO diet has been a popular choice for people with all amounts of weight to lose. As a trending topic on Google, it seems many people are wanting to know about the insulin reducing diet and whether or not it can actually help you lose weight.

We’re here to do an in depth GOLO diet review to see what it’s really all about and whether it’s as good as the hype claims. If you’ve been searching for a diet plan that you’ll actually stick to, you might find this one particularly enticing after you’ve read our review.

What Is GOLO?

GOLO for Life is the name of the weight loss program that’s been gaining interest in the last couple of years. This weight loss program works on the premise of insulin management and believes that by managing it you’ll be able to balance hormones and fix your metabolism to help you lose weight.

GOLO is a registered diet and trademark, so it’s not simply a way of eating that can be followed by anyone. You’ll need to pay to be a part of the diet plan and get the information as well as supplements that come along with it. How long you sign up for will depend on what you pay, and there are various levels available.

The Rescue Program is what people sign up to and you have the option to do either 30, 60 or 90 days. The length of time you sign up for will depend on how much weight you have to lose, but whatever option you go with you’ll get the complete weight loss kit.

  • Specialized GOLO weight loss supplement ‘Release’ of either 30, 60, or 90 day supply;
  • Eating plan and diet and lifestyle booklets with information on metabolism;
  • com access that has services and tools for losing weight;

GOLO claims that their unique eating plan was developed by health professionals including doctors and dieticians. Rather than looking at counting calories and restricting them, they focus instead on a balanced diet taken in conjunction with the supplements, designed to keep insulin levels in check.

The GOLO Eating Plan

GOLO is quite secreteive about what their program entails as they want people to spend money on memberships to get that information. However, judging by what was found online, most plans are around 1300 – 1800 calories per day. They claim that no food is off limits but you will need to exercise portion control and follow their guidelines.

Within the eating plan you’ll get specific recipes and idea for snacks, all found online, as well as booklets about eating out and meal preparation. They recommend daily exercise of at least 15 minutes each day or 105 minutes per week, with the best form of exercise being high intensity interval training.

GOLO Supplement ‘Release’

Chromium is found in many health and fitness supplements and it’s been shown to help control glucose levels. Other studies show that it was beneficial in weight loss as well, which means it’s a great ingredient for those looking to shed some pounds.

There are a number of other ingredients in Release but as they are part of a proprietary blend it’s hard to know exactly what amount. Some others include gardenia extract, inositol, apple fruit extract, and banana leaf extract. As with any supplement, you should always check with your doctor before taking anything as it may interfere with medications or existing conditions.

The Budget of GOLO

GOLO can be quite hard to gather information on as they want their customers to pay before learning more about what they offer. When you first sign up for the GOLO diet, you need to figure out how much weight you want to lose and how long you want to do it in. To get an idea of what you can expect to be charged for this weight loss program, here are some recent figures.

The very first time you sign up, you won’t pay anything for shipping, but after that it will be a little extra for express postage and the next lot of pills. This adds quite a significant amount to your order and may lean some people towards getting the larger shipment in a 90 day plan.

Again, GOLO likely know that people looking for a weight loss program probably have more than just a few pounds to lose and so the longer length is more enticing. You’ll save money by getting a 90 day plan so it also makes sense for the customer, provided you are going to stick with it for that long.

One good thing about this plan is that you won’t get automatic refills when your plan runs out. This is a common occurrence with other diet plans or supplements and causes many people to lose money. It’s nice to see that GOLO for Life doesn’t want to scam anyone in this way and will require you to order whenever you’re ready.

GOLO Diet Reviews Found Online

Finding diet reviews online can be hard to do as you’re unsure which ones are genuine or not. There’s mixed reviews found on various sites for GOLO for Life, but the majority of them are quite happy with the results.

The only point that many people mention is the expense, which puts it a little higher than other options out there. However, because you’re getting supplements with the meal plan you can almost justify it, as long as you get results.

With companies like this who don’t share a lot online, people tend to be cautious about spending their money on them. This is a perfectly standard response and you might even prefer to speak with real customers before you jump on board.

Predicted Weight Loss Results

GOLO promises to deliver serious results within just the first seven days which is what draws many people in. Some users have dropped over five pounds in the first week and gone on to have steady weight loss throughout the program.

Depending on the calorie levels you’re eating at and other things like current weight, gender, and medical conditions, most people can expect to lose a minimum of two pounds per week. Some will lose even more and it may come off quite dramatically in the first month.

Like any diet though, you need to be consistent once it’s over otherwise the results won’t last. That’s why it’s handy to read through the information given to you on the GOLO plan to ensure you curb things like emotional eating and get support when you need it.

The Good Parts

One of the worst parts about dieting is being restricted when it comes to food, so it’s nice to see that GOLO doesn’t require that. If you want to treat yourself every now and then and it stays within your calorie limit, you’ll be able to, which stops that restrictive feeling that leads so many people to fail on their diets.

There seems to be quite a few happy customers within the GOLO realm and one thing that they love is how little exercise they had to do to see results. This might be good news for those who are working their way back into exercise or those with injuries, as it shows that weight loss is possible by doing just 15 minutes a day.

Although it’s hard to get a lot of information from GOLO about they what offer without paying, the doctor who designed it, Keith Ablow M.D, targets things like emotional eating and addiction within the booklets. This is a welcome change from other diets that urge people to make changes without checking out what their underlying issues might be.

The Bad Stuff

The expense of GOLO could put a few people off, as you’re paying monthly just for some supplements and basic meal plans. You’ll still need to buy and prepare all of the food yourself so there will be even more expenses.

You can’t see much about this weight loss program until you pay for it and sign up which might make people wary.  There’s really no way to know about the types of food or recipes they recommend so you’re taking a huge chance not understanding completely what it has to offer by the time you pay for it.

The Release supplements have quite a few ingredients listed in them and if you plan on taking them it’s best to speak to your doctor first. There are some things in the supplements that can interfere with other health conditions or medications so it could potentially limit the number of people who could follow this plan.

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Overall Verdict on GOLO Diet

Anyone who’s struggled with weight loss will know that finding the right plan for them takes time and a lot of experimentation. Although there are some reported good results with GOLO, it’s hard to know if this is just because you’re following a calorie restricted plan and doing exercise or if the supplements are really as powerful as they claim.

If you’re not worried about spending the money, you might want to try the first month and see how it goes before committing to anything further. People have found good results thanks to the unrestrictive nature of this diet, so if you’re looking for a new thing to try there may be no harm in giving it a shot.

It can be easy to tell people to watch their portion control or not eat any bad foods, but the reality is it’s a lot harder than that. Sometimes, following some regimented like the GOLO diet could be the answer you’ve been looking for to reach your weight loss goal.

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