The Bulletproof Diet Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Bulletproof Diet

The Bulletproof Diet is another popular eating plan that’s been in the news in recent times, and it claims to offer its followers one pound a day weight loss in the early stages. The diet, created by a Silicon Valley millionaire, has a lot of people talking, but what’s it really all about and what health benefits can it offer?

Meta: We review the facts about the Bulletproof Diet, what it entails, and the results you should see for your weight and overall health.

These days, it seems a new diet or way of living is being announced every day and you might find yourself struggling to keep up with them all. Another one you can add to your list is the Bulletproof Diet, based on the book of the same name.

This diet claims to be different from the rest of them, even though it does tend to borrow some philosophies from other ways of eating and nutrition plans. Unlike many others, there’s no need to count your calories or get strict about weighing food, it’s simply a matter of knowing which ones will unlock your body’s full potential.

If you feel as though you’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest diet or are sick of counting calories without any real results, the Bulletproof Diet could be a dream come true for you. We’ll look further into what exactly this diet entails, the foods you can and can’t eat, and what results you might be able to expect when you stick to it.

What is the Bulletproof Diet?

The basis of the Bulletproof Diet is simple: you can eat as much as you like of nutrient-dense foods, cut the sugar, and lower your carb intake, and you’ll be rewarded with weight loss through fat burning and an increase in energy. The trick is knowing exactly which nutrient foods you should be eating and those you should be avoiding.

Bulletproof Diet

The Bulletproof Diet is based on the book of the same name, a New York Times Bestseller, written by Dave Asprey. Although the book was the original concept and has most of the information you need to follow it, there are now many other resources available for those following this diet.

The aim of this diet is to help people ditch their traditional ideas of dieting that only lead to failure. Either you feel as though you’re being deprived of something when you have to give it up or you do well on your diet and once you reach the magic number you’re back to eating the same old foods that got you there in the first place.

The History Behind the Diet

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Dave Asprey was a millionaire working in Silicon Valley who had all of the money in the world and had a 300-pound weight that he wanted to shift. Although he was eating a restricted diet that saw him have 1800 calories a day and working out for 90 minutes six days a week, his weight wasn’t moving the way he thought it should be.

Not only was Asprey finding his physical self-deteriorating, but his mental state started to suffer as well. He would spend a lot of his time in a haze and find a serious lack of energy was preventing him from getting things done. Just as he had done with the business side of things, he invested a lot of money into figuring out how to “hack” himself and his biology.

Over the next 15 years, Asprey would figure out everything that he published in The Bulletproof Diet so that he could share it with others. He used everything from radioactive brain scans to blood work to figure out how to improve energy and get in the best physical shape he had ever been. The results were published in his book with a promise that he would help others lose weight, feel energized, and do it all without going hungry or feeling deprived.

What Foods You Should Eat and Avoid

The key difference that this diet has compared to others is that there’s no strict plan to follow. You won’t need to count your calories, measure things out, or weight your food. It’s all about following a roadmap that shows you what foods you need to be eating and those that should be moderated or avoided at all costs.

There are 10 steps that Asprey lists as the way to get started that will give you an idea of what foods you can expect. They are as follows:

  • Cut out sugar

Sugar needs to be removed completely from your diet which can lead to a detox feeling at first as it’s been added to most products.

  • Eat the right fats

There should be less focus on fat being harmful and more focus on choosing the right fats like butter, olive oil, and coconut oil

  • Eat wild caught seafood and grass fed meat

A huge focus of this diet is to remove toxins and these are commonly found in regularly sourced seafood and meat.

  • No grains or gluten

Gluten-free is recommended as it’s believed that wheat can be harmful, so you can say goodbye to things like corn, barley, and oats.

  • No artificial coloring, additives, and flavors

All food should be sourced naturally and there should be no artificial ingredients in anything that you eat.

  • No legumes

It’s believed that anything in the legume family, like nuts and beans, cause inflammation and should be avoided at all costs.

  • Remove most dairy

The Bulletproof Diet doesn’t want you eating “processed, homogenized, and pasteurized dairy” which includes most of it. Grass-fed butter is allowed and some forms of full-fat dairy.

  • Organic fruits and vegetables

Shop for organic produce wherever possible to avoid the additives and pesticides commonly found in regular products.

  • Limit cooking

The best way to eat things is raw or only lightly cooked, according to the Bulletproof Diet. This keeps the nutrients within.

  • Minimal fruit

The recommended amount is one to two servings per day of fruit and instead focuses on your vegetable intake.

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit — The Original Medium Roast Ground...
  • The Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit: A blend of clean coffee and quality fats that satisfies hunger, kick-starts...
  • Single Origin Medium Roast Ground Coffee: Caffeinated coffee with distinct notes of cinnamon, plum, and orange with a...
  • Sugar Free Energy from MCT oil: Experience the power of using quality fats from C8 MCT oil extracted from the best part...

The most talked about aspect of this diet and one that many people follow without sticking to the rest of the diet is Bulletproof Coffee. This is a special concoction of coffee that’s served with grass-fed butter and another addition of either MCT (medium chain triglyceride oil) or coconut oil.

Bulletproof Diet

Each Bulletproof Coffee is worth 400 calories which further highlights how little this diet cares about limiting or counting calories. It’s been said to burn fat and stops you from getting hungry, and it will be your new replacement for breakfast. You will need to have it professionally made and usually with premium beans, further adding to the cost of the diet.

Although this is said to have many benefits, it’s also an area of concern for those who are skeptical about the diet. Starting your day with something full of fat might not be ideal for everyone, nor will it be easy to find someone who makes this special brew at your local coffee shop.

Weight Loss Results You Can Expect

One of the main reasons this diet is getting so much attention is the claim that author David Asprey made that followers could lose up to a pound a day. Obviously, this figure would depend on a lot of factors including your own health background, the number of calories you’re consuming each day, and whether or not you’re getting regular exercise.

Judging by the reviews of others, this number seems pretty spot on in the early stages and people reported losing around 5 pounds within their first week alone. Provided you could stick to the eating plan, this will stay off for life. The Bulletproof Diet is more about a lifestyle change than a quick fix, so once you’re at your goal weight you could easily add some more calories into your day.

A key component to the Bulletproof Diet is intermittent fasting. This is the belief that all food should be eaten within a certain window each day, say eight hours. The other time you should only drink water, which will help propel your body into a state of ketosis.

What People Are Saying About the Bulletproof Diet

The Bulletproof Diet: Lose Up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Energy and...
  • Asprey, Dave (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 320 Pages - 04/10/2018 (Publication Date) - Rodale Books (Publisher)

When any new diet comes along, it’s important to weigh up all sides of it. There are a number of medical professionals who have reviewed this diet and said that it seems safe and smart to follow, as you’re not restricting any important food groups.

This diet seems to many like a mixture of two popular diets that are around at the moment, the keto diet and the paleo diet. It might not be as strict as either of them alone but takes all of their best parts and allows for weight loss without feeling restricted, so it’s a lot easier for people to stick to.

Pros and Cons of this Diet


  • Flexible
  • Gives you the tools you need and a comprehensive list of foods
  • no need to count calories


  • It can be expensive and time-consuming
  • It can be limiting

One of the biggest selling points this diet has is its flexibility. Many people fail their diets or healthy eating plans because they’re simply too rigid. This gives you the tools you need and a comprehensive list of foods you can enjoy, and there’s no need to count calories or worry about how much you’re having.

The downside to this way of eating and living is that it can be expensive and time-consuming. Finding a local butcher with grass-fed beef or shopping somewhere that sells organic produce isn’t something everyone is capable of doing, and so it can be limiting.

The upside to having to shop around to get the right ingredients and study labels to know what you’re putting into your body is that most things are cooked lightly. This will save you some time and hassle in the kitchen so that you can eat good foods without a fuss.

The Importance of Exercise

Girl jogging

Even without following a diet, you should be aiming for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. When it comes to the Bulletproof Diet, they recommend interval training for the best results.

There have already need numerous studies that show just how effective interval training like HIIT can be for weight loss and how many extra calories it burns compared to regular aerobic exercise. Another bonus is that you don’t have to work out as long which can be good for those just starting out on their weight loss journey.

Pairing regular exercise with a healthy eating plan is the best way to lose weight and will speed up your results if you’re trying to lose some pounds. Starting slow and building your way up to 30 minutes a day can take a couple of weeks, but the Bulletproof Diet claims to give you more energy which should make it a lot easier.

The Verdict on the Bulletproof Diet

Although it’s still early days for the Bulletproof Diet when compared to other long-lasting diet trends out there, it’s already got a lot of loyal followers. Somewhat similar to the paleo diet or the keto diet and with a huge focus on eating whole, good foods, it’s no surprise that this relatively new way of eating has already got people talking.

While it seems as though there’s quite a lot off limits when you follow the Bulletproof Diet, it’s important to note that it’s not about rushing towards the end. You should look at this as more of a lifestyle change rather than something that’s going to get you fast results.

Choosing a diet that restricts sugar and focuses on nutrients is always going to be a smarter approach than extreme eating plans that have you counting calories or skipping meals. When followed correctly and care is taken to ensure you’re eating a balanced diet, the Bulletproof Diet could be a lifelong eating plan with great results.

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