Everything You Need to Know About Bioenergetics Therapy


Energy is all around us and responsible for pretty much everything that happens on the earth. The field of bioenergetics is a discipline of biochemistry that looks at how energy changes within living things and how it transfers between beings. Bioenergetic therapy is a form of healing that uses the power of energy, and we’re going to investigate what it’s all about.

Although we might not give it much thought, energy is at play in everything around us. A plant growing from the sun, the food that we eat, or how much we burn when we work out. All of these things have to do with the transfer of energy, and it’s a broad field of biochemistry that has been studied for many years.

Bioenergetics is quite complex, but the basic understanding of it is looking at living things and how they use energy. Being able to harness this energy and use it to heal the body is something that those involved in bioenergetics therapy are concerned with, and this is sometimes referred to as energy healing.

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Energy healing is quite a broad practice and within it, there are many techniques and methods. For the purpose of understanding how bioenergetics can help the human body to heal, we’re going to investigate what it means and whether it has any proven benefits.

What Is Bioenergetics?


Technically speaking, bioenergetics is quite a broad discipline of science, specifically biochemistry. This discipline proves how living organisms, like animals and plants, use energy and the different ways that we do it.

For example, a plant uses energy from the sun and then releases oxygen as waste. Humans use this oxygen to survive and also rely on converting the food we eat into energy, as well as exercising to help burn it off. All living things use this energy differently and it is a part of almost every process that organisms do.

When speaking about bioenergetic healing or therapy, this refers to the human body being a conductor of energy. As we already know, thanks to science, that there is an electrical network within each of us, this type of healing is about preventing it from being blocked and having a positive impact on the flow of energy.

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The History of Energy Medicine

Even before scientific findings, ancient cultures were aware of the power of bioenergetics. According to history, civilizations including Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese were all known to use different methods of energy healing. This includes things like the placing of hands on the body or using magnetite to help the blood flow and get rid of disease.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the 1937 Nobel Prize winner, stated that every culture had roots in this type of healing, done simply by moving energy. One of the more modern forms of this is Reiki, the Japanese style of healing touch, which is now used in many clinical settings today including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes.

Today, there are many different ways to heal using energy and as we uncover more about bioenergetics we are able to use scientific findings to progress them even further. As a healing treatment that has real evidence of its worth, there’s no telling where the future of bioenergetic therapy might go.

Methods of Bioenergetics Therapy and Healing

Bioenergetic therapy is an all-encompassing term and can mean any type of treatment that harnesses the power of energy within the body to heal. Though there are likely hundreds of ways that one could do this, these are some of the more common alternative treatments that use this energy source.

  • Reconnective Healing

Your healer will move their hands over specific parts of the body in order to get energy flowing and correct areas that need opening up. The belief is that physical problems, like a sore arm, manifest due to other issues within the body to do with misplaced or blocked energy.

  • Reiki

During a Reiki session, the practitioner will place their hands gently on or just above the body in various parts. The purpose of this is to redistribute energy that may be blocked due to a number of causes. Some who get Reiki healing claim they can feel heat, cool, vibrations, and other sensations from the hands of the practitioner.

  • Tapping

Tapping is done by a trained professional on various points on the body. The slight pressure put on patients is said to send messages to the brain to calm down, and the energy flows its way through the whole body.

  • Reflexology

Reflexology is a form of massage that focuses on the pressure points in the feet. This form of healing is said to use these powerful points in the feet to correct energy within the body and get a flow going again.

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  • Bioenergetic analysis

Working with a therapist, the patient speaks about painful experiences, thoughts, feelings, and other prompted subjects while the therapist feels for and treats the physical manifestations that might be occurring because of them.

Energy Medicine

Ways to Restore Bioenergetic Health

There is no need to see a bioenergetic healer just to get the benefits of it for yourself. Experts believe that there are five key areas that affect our bioenergetic health, so you can do certain things to improve each of them.

  • Hormones: Understanding your hormone levels may be key to balancing your energy as well.
  • Detoxification: Simple detoxification methods can be done at home including drinking lemon water or avoiding plastics and heavy metals in your daily life.
  • Mind-calming: Techniques like meditation, guided imagery, and removing stressors from your life will all help.
  • Nutrition: Choosing good foods in an organic, plant-based diet can help to activate hormones and redistribute energy.
  • Body relaxation: Various techniques like yoga, tai chi, and lymphatic drainage can balance your energy.

Criticisms of Energy Healing

One of the problems with energy healing is that you can’t see the work that’s being done, and so it makes many people skeptical instantly. Without being able to physically see energy there’s no way to tell if it’s changing or being moved, other than the benefits that people speak of themselves.

Although it claims to be able to heal many things, the critics state that its only real power is being able to reduce stress. From there, it makes the body feel better and could ever cure some related ailments or symptoms, which is where most of its worth comes from. Even if this is the case, the fact that people are seeing relief is definitely worth nothing.

Proven Benefits of Energy Healing

There have been many physicians publicly state their support for the power of energy healing, and with scientific roots, it’s very hard to deny. The famed holistic physician, Deepak Chopra, stated that science is only just beginning to understand how bioenergetics can be used for healing, and there is so much more to be explored.

Energy healing uses the body’s own natural healing system, using something called homeostasis. This means when you get sick, your immune system makes an antibody or makes you sneeze when something causes an allergic reaction.

The most proven benefit of energy healing is a reduction in stress and anxiety, which could, in turn, be helpful for other things within the body. If nothing else, spending some time relaxing and focusing on this energy within your body could have great results on both the physical and mental parts of you.

Provided you are seeing a qualified energy healer and not doing anything that could bring you harm, there’s nothing wrong with turning to this type of therapy. There are many great methods out there, and some may give better results than others, and a lot of the success will depend on your frame of mind.

Using the Body’s Frequencies to Heal

We know that bioenergetics is a scientifically proven field of study and that all living things use energy in different ways. Putting this knowledge to use by trying out one of the many forms of bioenergetic healing could be hugely beneficial for anyone, whether it’s a mental or physical problem they might be experiencing.

The belief with this type of healing is that we work mostly on a subconscious level, so the simple act of believing in the power of energy therapy can be enough to start feeling good. From there, it’s up to you to choose your preferred method of treatment or try them all to see which ones work best.

Bioenergetics is still a relatively new field to be discovered, and from what we already know about it, it can tell us a lot about the power of energy. If you’re interested in natural treatments that allow the body to heal itself, looking into bioenergetics could be the perfect step to take.

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