Best Essential Oil Diffuser: Our Top Picks for Healing and Relaxation

One of the best best essential oil diffuser options on the market this year.

The best essential oil diffuser can transform a room — and your life — for the better. Let us answer all your questions about diffusing essential oils and learn about the best essential oil diffusers on the market this year.

Essential Oil Diffuser FAQ

Essential oil diffusers are an excellent addition to any room, but if you are new to essential oils, you may have questions before buying one.

1. What Is an Essential Oil Diffuser?

An essential oil diffuser is a small vapor misting machine that spreads the natural fragrance of essential oils throughout a room.

2. How Does an Essential Oil Diffuser Work?

Many of the best essential oil diffusers use the power of water to disperse essential oil or aromatherapy oil into the air. Wate- filled essential oil diffusers convert oil into tiny particles to blend with the water. A small mechanism heats the liquid gently, and this turns it into the mist released into the air.

Alternative essential oil diffusers called nebulizing diffusers to use an atomizer instead of water to create the most potent medicinal vapor. The atomizer breaks down the oil into microscopic particles suitable for misting in the air.

3. What Is the Purpose of an Essential Oil Diffuser?

The best essential oil diffusers are used to enhance the aroma of a room and to infuse the body with the natural healing properties of essential oils. Because diffusers emit a delicate essential oil vapor, the body absorbs the oil gently and beneficially. There are many benefits of using essential oils, and the type of oil you use determines its practical effects. Essential oils also help purify the air and may ward off pollutants like bacteria and fungus.

4. How Long Do Essential Oil Diffusers Last?

Essential oil diffusers come in different shapes, sizes, and tank capacities. The larger the tank, the longer a diffuser mists without requiring a refill. On average, a 200-milliliter tank lasts about four hours, and a 400-milliliter tank lasts around 8 to 12 hours before it needs refilling.

Many of the best essential oil diffuser options we’ve reviewed celebrate longer-lasting results because of the advanced technology used to build them. We found diffusers that last up to over 20 hours on one tank.

5. Is an Essential Oil Diffuser a Humidifier?

Often the best essential oil diffusers add moisture to the air, but only in small quantities. Some essential oil diffusers are better suited for humidifying a room. If you want to buy a diffuser that doubles as a humidifier, look for options with larger tank capacities. Usually, more prominent diffusers create more vapor output and will more effectively improve the humidity levels in the air.

We’ve included two of the best essential oil diffuser options for humidifying in our review below.

6. What Are Some Most Popular Essential Oils to Diffuse?

Selecting essential oils to diffuse is an entirely personal process that requires you to go inward. From your inner landscape, visualize the fragrances that most appeal to your senses. Often, the aromas that call to you have the medicinal properties you need. With so many incredible essential oils to choose from, sometimes a quick guide is the second-best place to start.

Below we’ll explore some of the most popular essential oils for different needs.


The warm floral scent of lavender is one of the most popular oils for reducing stress and the body and mind into a state of relaxation.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree is a potent woodsy essential oil that is found in many medicine cabinets for its healing properties. When diffused, this oil is a powerful eliminator of airborne odor-causing bacteria.


The clean, fresh, and delightfully spicy scent of frankincense can soothe frazzled nerves and reduce symptoms of anxiety.


The sensuous citrus aroma of bergamot refreshes the air while bringing benefits to the skin, circulation, and improved sleep. Bergamot is also a powerful mood booster.


Natural eucalyptus has a sweet mint mixed with a pine scent that opens up nasal passageways, clears the lungs, improves headaches, and eases cold symptoms.


The clean pine needle smell of rosemary purifies the air while uplifting the mind, body, and spirit.

Clary Sage

Earthy and floral, clary sage moves dense energy while relaxing the body. Clary sage helps with menstrual cramps, anxiety, and is also an aphrodisiac.


The sweet fragrance of rose essential oil beautifies rooms and helps with emotional support. We use rose essential oil in times of stress, healing, and emotional turmoil.

7. Where Can I Buy the Best Essential Oil Diffuser?

A variety of retailers sell the best essential oil diffusers, and Amazon has an incredible selection of diffusers for essential oils. Many large chain stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Walmart sell aromatherapy oil diffusers. We’ve also found many of the best essential oil diffusers at local health and wellness stores, health food markets, and metaphysical shops.


How We Reviewed

To create this list of the best essential oil diffuser options, we tested gathered our oil collection and tested dozens of diffusers ourselves. For each diffuser, we investigated features, design, size, uses, and budget. Only the best essential oil diffusers made this list.


VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

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The Essential Oil Diffuser by VicTsing also offers cool mist humidifying and adjustable ambient lighting modes for melting away stress. This diffuser comes in a polished pine color, chic ebony wood, and high-contrast redwood colors. The bud vase-shaped 300-milliliter diffuser brings soothing aromatherapy to rooms for up to 10 hours.

As one of the best essential oil diffusers for options, this VicTsing model provides the choice between seven lights, 14 modern colors, and 15 lighting modes. When the tank is full, the diffusers automatically shuts off for safety reasons.

Settings for the diffuser include dual mist intensity settings so you can choose how strong the scent is, and four timer settings to regulate how frequently the device produces vapor. VicTsing backs its Essential Oil Diffuser with a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month limited warranty.


URPOWER 2nd Gen 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER Bamboo Grain Essential Oil Diffuser, 180ml Aromatherapy...
  • High Fashion Design & Soothing Mist: Bamboo Grain essential oil diffuser, fits any room decor. Looks like the real...
  • Auto-off Function Protect Your Safety: URPOWER diffuser will turn off automatically when water using out. 100% safe for...
  • Beautiful 7 Color Changing Led Night Light: Different lighting mode fits different atmosphere. Click the light button to...

The modernly designed URPOWER Second Generation Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser has a 300-milliliter tank for extended misting times. The diffuser comes in two designer color options, bamboo brown, and crystal white, to blend well with home, office, or studio decor.

URPOWER values safety and designed the diffuser to shut off when the tank needs refilling. The seven subdued color options help this diffuser cater to your moods and the environment. This URPOWER model offers an intermittent and continuous operating mode — both with a whisper-quiet functioning that won’t interrupt sleep or conversations.

The safety features, construction materials, and lighting effects make this one of the best essential oil diffuser options for children’s rooms. Along with the supersonic diffuser, each box contains a charger and a user manual.

Natrogix Totem Essential Oil Diffuser

Natrogix Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier Aromatherapy Diffuser for...
  • ULTRASONIC COOL MIST – Natrogix aromatherapy essential oil diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to transform water into...
  • COMFORT YOUR BODY AND SOUL– An ideal way to add moisture to the air for a more comfortable living environment, the...
  • FILL YOUR ROOM WITH AROMA – The Natrogix diffuser can be used with essential oils to give your room a pleasant scent...

Natrogix Totem is a heat-free, ultrasonic essential oil diffuser for improved vitality and comfort in the home or office. The small device offers the four operation modes of mist mode, continual mist, non-stop mist, and dormant mode to customize your essential oil diffuser experience. One 150 milliliter tank lasts for up to 12 hours on interval modes, or up to six hours when used in continuous mode.

Totem is a tranquil machine that offers illuminated LED light in seven colors similar to the colors of the chakras. For safety, Totem powers down when it runs out of water, making it one of the best essential oil diffuser options for the bedroom.

When unboxing the Natrogix Totem, you’ll find a power adaptor, measuring cup, and a user manual. All buyers are eligible for the Natrogix “200 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Your Diffuser” e-book. The book presents information about essential oils and how to mix them

ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser

ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser, App Control Compatible...
  • SMART WI-FI TECHNOLOGY: We have listened to our customers' opinions and made a great improvement in December.This...
  • RELAXING ATMOSPHERE: This essential oil diffuser is perfect for every home, office or yoga studio so you can create a...
  • ADJUST IT TO YOUR NEEDS: The air purifier has a large capacity of 500ml so it can work through the night for best...

The Smart Essential Oil Diffuser by ASAKUKI is compatible with Amazon Echo to communicate with Alexa, a downloadable companion app for controlling the device. This diffuser has a prominent yet soothing light for mood appropriate changes at the click of a button.

The large capacity, 500-milliliter tank runs up to 16 hours and is suitable for spaces measuring 200 square feet or less. The ASAKUKI Smart is one of the best essential oil diffuser choices for cool mist humidifying. This product is free from the same material as baby bottles for a safer, non-BPA addition to your home.

The shape of the ASAKUKI design makes this diffuser easy to clean, and the durable construction ensures it will last a long time.

Essential Oil Diffuser by Smiley Daisy

Essential Oil Diffuser by Smiley Daisy- Whisper-Quiet Cool Mist...
  • Elegant. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. The Hibiscus diffuser is one of the well-designed diffusers from SmileyDaisy. Designed...
  • Feel relaxed when you look at the changing LED lights of the diffuser. Get all the benefits of aromatherapy, aqua...
  • Over 6 hours of usage with full water capacity. Auto shut-off function when the water level is low. Independent controls...

The Smiley Daisy Hibiscus Essential Oil Diffuser is an easy to clean option for home or office use. The diffuser’s shape is reminiscent of a rounded bamboo steamer, and the brown walnut option emphasizes this effect. Hibiscus is also available in creamy glossed white.

With full-water capacity, the Hibiscus ultrasonic diffuser can run for six hours, and a safety feature shuts the product off when the tank is empty. Smiley Daisy makes Hibiscus for use with pure and natural essential oils; it’s not suitable for synthetics

The small and quiet Hibiscus device can refresh rooms up to 200 square feet. Gentle lighting emerges from the diffuser’s top portal and all along the rim for relaxation and comfort. Smiley Daisy recommends this product for homes, offices, hotels, spas, yoga studios, and any place that needs to remove the smell of toxic tobacco or pet odors.

OliveTech Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

OliveTech Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser, 400ml Ultrasonic Cool Mist...
  • Unique Design:With classic wood grain finish, add drops of your favorite essential oil to give your room a fresh, clean...
  • Timer Setting and Mist Control: 4 timer- 1H/ 3H/ 6H/ Continuous modes. press the Mist button for 2 seconds, one beep for...
  • Soothing Light: It can be used as an ambient light, the brightness is selectable from dim and brighter. soft light...

The OliveTech Aroma by OliveTech is a uniquely constructed, technologically enhanced essential oil diffuser. The artistic BPA-free design comes in the four veneer colors of dark mahogany wood grain, polished teak wood, pale stained pine wood grain, and marbled white stone. Each design could perfectly complement the aesthetic of a home, office, yoga studio, or spa.

All versions come with OliveTech’s LED mood lighting features. Choose from seven colors for lights for fixed one color shine or color cycling. Adjust the light brightness or turn the light off from the diffuser’s easy-to-use base control panel. Aroma runs quietly and increases peaceful vibes when in use. OliveTech designed Aroma to shut off when it runs out of water, adding increased safety to the product.

Aroma can emit up to 30 milliliters of moisture per hour, making it one of the best essential oil diffuser choices for humidifying a room. The extra-large 400-milliliter water tank helps this diffuser operate continuously for up to 12 hours. OliveTech includes a free cleaning kit, a measuring cup, an adapter, and a user manual in the package.

Stadler Form Jasmine Essential Oil

Stadler Form Jasmine Essential Oil, Aromatherapy Dispenser Aroma...
  • POWERFUL DIFFUSER: This essential oil diffuser is powerful, easily filling a space with fragrance.
  • ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY: Blends water and pure essential oils (not synthetic oils) to disperse aroma.
  • CALMING FRAGRANCE: The soothing aromas of essential oils can help bring calm and relieve stress.

Stadler Form’s Jasmine is a minimalist essential oil diffuser collection comes in black red, white, and titanium colors to best match interiors. This ultrasonic diffuser operates in intervals of ten minutes on followed by a 20-minute break for up to 21 hours. Stadler Form makes this diffuser for use with natural oils.

The elegantly designed faux ceramic casing is reminiscent of ancient Japanese pottery for a timelessly soothing addition to the home or office. The machine is silent when operating and does not make a sound when it turns off. The silent features found in the Stadler Form Jasmine make it one of the best options for Reiki Healing practitioners, massage therapists, and acupuncturists.

The Jasmine diffuser has a small footprint but delivers big fragrance to small and larger rooms. Two or three drops of oil can power the misting device all day long for ongoing health and wellness infusions. This diffuser is easy to use and easy to clean.

Ellia Gather Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Ellia , Gather Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser , Grey , Ceramic & Wood |...
  • PERSONALIZED AROMATHERAPY: Using any essential oil of your choice, mix and match fragrances to create your own...
  • ULTRASONIC OPERATION: The 200ml reservoir provides a light pleasant aroma while gently humidifying your space. Whisper...
  • SOOTHING SOUNDS: Drift away to the additional sound therapy feature with uplifting and relaxing options. Improve your...

The ceramic and wood Gather Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser by Ellia is one of the best essential oil diffuser options for spiriting away to your happy place. They crafted the elegant lighted peephole design to infuse the air and your home with the calmness. Gather Ultrasonic features include color-changing lights and relaxing sounds to add ambiance to any room.

Ellia didn’t give this product the Ultrasonic name for nothing. This product uses high-frequency ultrasonic technology to convert essential oils into vapor. This technology has the benefit of using less oil than average. Five to seven drops of essential oil per tank is all this diffuser needs to spread peace around the room.

Ellia’s Gather Ultrasonic comes with a remote control to adjust settings on the diffuser from across the way. Suitable for sleep, Gather Ultrasonic intermittent mist runs for a staggering 20 hours without interruption. Ellia includes the diffuser, remote, and three Ellia essential oil samples in every box.

InnoGear 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser Wood Grain Vase-Shaped

InnoGear 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser Wood Grain Vase-Shaped...
  • Elegant Design: With a natural, wood grain look and impressive vase shape, this aroma diffuser gives a soothing and...
  • Optimized 200ml Capacity: Compact and simple, not to get in the way, this essential oil diffuser is perfect for home...
  • Ultra Quiet: No beeping sounds when pressing the buttons. The cool and smooth mist benefits your overall physical and...

The InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser is a vase-shaped 200-milliliter diffuser to assist with general well-being. With a classic Zen shape, this diffuser blends beautifully into any room in the home or office. InnoGear makes this wood veneer diffuser from durable BPA-free materials for long-lasting aromatherapy performance. The diffuser quietly enhances the quality of life by running at a mere 36-decibels.

This diffuser offers an intermittent mode and continuous misting mode. Dual lighting modes on the diffuser allow users to choose from a rainbow of color lighting options, or the machine can cycle through them all. For a fragrance only experience, this essential oil diffuser has an off switch for the light.

This InnoGear diffuser comes with an adapter, measuring cup, and user manual. InnoGear provides a refund up to 45-days after purchase and a 12-month warranty. The InnoGear brand has a reputation for superior customer service that seems always to be eager to help clients.

The Verdict

Using the best essential oil diffuser can improve the aroma of a room, uplift the spirit, and infuse the body and mind with powerful plant-based properties. Whether you want a diffuser for personal or professional use, you will find one that works for you in this review. Below we’ve highlighted the best of the best essential oil diffusers.

Best Diffuser for Humidifying

The ASAKUKI Smart Diffuser is our top choice for bringing cool mist to a room. This option works with the latest technology to bring good vibes to any room.

Best Multi-Purpose Diffuser

The Fyng Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser takes the cake for the best multi-purpose option. For those living in small spaces or bringing a diffuser to work, this diffuser’s clock, speaker, light, and diffuser features bring the best value.

Best Investment Diffuser

Although it’s more expensive than all other diffusers in our review, the Ellia Gather is a high-quality ceramic diffuser that is worth the investment. The piece has an innately artistic feel to it, and the natural materials never detract from the decor.

Best Diffuser Overall

The best diffuser overall comes from OliveTech. This creatively shaped diffuser is affordable and comes in four elegant patterns. It has all the bells and whistles and brings a soothing and lusciously fragrant humidity to the air.

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