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small bottles of essential oils for bug bites

The 10 Best Essential Oils For Bug Bites

Bug bites are an unfortunate part of life, nobody likes them—especially the one we wake up with and have no idea where it came...

The Best Foods for Gut Health You Need to Know About

What are the best foods for gut health? We’ve pulled together some of the top ones here -- plus the information you need to know about how each one works. 

The Nature of Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is becoming a more popular way to treat illnesses, pains, and afflictions. Why are people turning to holistic healing to help them with...

Everything You Need to Know About an Acupuncturist Salary

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that is still used today with many benefits for body and mind. An acupuncturist is someone...
Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback Therapy – A Complete Overview of the Process

Biofeedback therapy is a technique that allows you to control your body’s functions through your mind, including heart rate and breathing. This is done...
sound therapy

Sound Therapy: The Guide to Treatments, Used Sounds and Music

Music is used for everything from relaxation to education, but sound therapy is a unique form of treatment that can be used to heal...
herbal medicine

Herbal Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide

Herbal medicine is the use of plant-derived medicines that treat a range of illnesses and conditions. This alternative form of treatment has many benefits...
how to become a life coach

The Information You Need About How to Become a Life Coach

Life is never really easy for anyone, but once we transcend out of childhood into adulthood it becomes even harder. There’s nobody to guide...
Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing: Everything You Need to Know

Many forms of alternative medicine are focused on energy and the power that it can have to heal us. Reiki healing is one of...